Joint Stock Company
Institute for Design and Research in Oil Industry

Quality Management System

One of Giprovostokneft activity management tools is Quality Management System (QMS). Design management on the basis of QMS is a powerful marketing instrument based on application of innovative design technology and flexible response to conditions set forth by Client.

Availability of operational and certified QMS at Giprovostokneft facilitates conclusion of agreements (contracts) for major investment project implementation predetermining front-office policy trend applicable to engineering and scientific documentation quality in compliance with Clients’ requirements and expectations with a view to their satisfaction. Regular risk management helps to increase QMS efficiency, to achieve better results and to prevent unfavourable consequences.

In work on major investment projects Giprovostokneft widely uses Project Quality Plan approved by Client and complying ISO 10005. This document makes possible to take design and engineering solutions promptly; coordinate work with Clients and Subcontractors; to bring into line design goals and tagets in the course of design and survey documentation development and issue.

One of the key requirements in ISO 9000 is improvement strategy. In accordance with this requirement GIPVN Consolidated Improvement Program has been developed. It contains improvement programs by different lines of GIPVN activity. Giprovostokneft management regularly monitores performance of development programs, checks their applicability and relevance. Expected eventual result of Consolidated QMS Improvement Program is getting advantages by broadening Company possibilities, competitive recovery of Giprovostokneft at market of engineering services in gas and oil producing industry and improvement of GIPVN attraction rating for investment.

Information awareness of Giprovostokneft employees about QMS functioning, regulatory documentation amendments, results of audits, management review and other necessary information is performed via QMS page available at GIPVN Web-site.  

Every year GIPVN management informs employees about QMS effiiciensy. Different approaches including Giprovostokneft activity self-assessment technique based on Management Functional Assessment Model (MFAM) are applied for efficiency evaluation.

Giprovostokneft Quality Management History 

Giprovostokneft Quality Management System is certified for compliance with ISO 9001:2008 “Quality Management Systems. Requirements” and possesses a Certificate of Compliance to
ISO 9001:2008, accredited in Great Britain, valid through October 15, 2017.

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