Joint Stock Company
Institute for Design and Research in Oil Industry
Ceremony Dedicated to Institute’s 70th Anniversary
Ceremony dedicated to Institute’s  70th anniversary took place in Samara Opera & Ballet Theatre.
Giprovostokneft held science & practice conference
On the eve of 70th anniversary Giprovostokneft held science & practice conference "Integrated Engineering for Oil Production: Experience, Innovations, Development"

Strategy and Mission 


JSC Giprovostokneft is an engineering company for integrated survey and prime desin engineering at all phases of field development to provide for maximum efficient hyndrocarbons produсtion.
  • Application of advanced technologies for reservoir engineering to increment hydrocarbon reserves and to enhance oil and gas prodution
  • Increase of investment project NPV: optimization of CAPEX, reduction of metal and power consumption
  • Integrated design engineering of oil and gas production: integration of all investment cycle phases - exploration – engineering - constructio
  • Optimization of business portfolio: expansion of types of works and geography

Extension of business value based on increased NPV: keeping competitive positions and improving oil/gas project competences


Our challenging issues are:

  • Zero accidents, no impairment of health and environment contamination;
  • conservation of natural resourses, materials and energy;
  • complying with Russian regulations, regional laws and treaties in force;
  • respect of local community interests in our project areas;
  • raising awareness of our operating results.
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