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Institute for Design and Research in Oil Industry

Soil and Water Analysis

Laboratories of survey department (accreditation certificates No.РОСС RU.0001.517/375, No.РОСС RU.0001.512890) are dealing with soil and water analysis for construction of oil/gas industrial facilities.

They perform a complete cycle of tests on physical and mechanical characteristics of soil and chemical analysis of soil, potable and natural water (surface and ground water) for engineering and geological, groundwater and environmental surveys.

All laboratories are equipped with sophisticated equipment. Laboratory for soil research is equipped with automated testing complex for mechanical testing of rock and soil samples using different procedures in accordance with GOST.

This complex provides the following:

  1. Sample test process control;
  2. Processing of measurement results;
  3. Test results archiving

Measuring and computing complex ASIS includes three-layer compression (stabilometer)

It allows defining more precisely deformation and strength properties of soil by simulating natural conditions.

In-soil characeristics defined:

  • Humidity
  • Grain composition
  • Compression
  • Filtration factor
  • Bulging and shrinkage
  • Single-plane cutoff
  • Soil consistency (by cutting ring method and by water weighing method)
  • Solid particles density
  • Subsidence
  • Triaxial compression
  • Specific electrical resistivity of soil 
  • Full density for optimal humidity
  • Chemical analysis of water extract (defining рН, carbonates, hydrocarbonates, chlorides, sulfates, calcium (II), magnesium (II), sodium and potassium in total, dissolved solids, electrical conductivity)
  • Humus
  • Ash content of peat
  • Definition of soil corrosive aggressiveness to concrete

In-water characeristics defined:

  • Hydrogen index рН
  • Cation-anion ratio (carbonate-, hydrocarbonate-, chloride-, sulfate- ions, calcium (II), magnesium (II), sodium, potassium)
  • Dry residue
  • Odor 20°С, 60°С
  • Color value
  • Turbidity
  • Alkalinity
  • Hardness (total and carbonate)
  • Nitrate-ion
  • Nitrite-ion
  • Ammonium ion
  • Iron (total content)
  • Fluoride-ion
  • Aluminum (III)
  • Synthetic surfactants (anionic)
  • Oxygen demand  (permanganate, dichromate)
  • Petroleum products (total content)
  • Phenols (total content)
  • Definition of water corrosive aggressiveness to lead and aluminum cable jacket