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Oil Field and Reservoir Water Quality Analysis

Oil sector is one of the biggest consumers of water that is needed for reservoir pressure maintenance. Oil taken from reservoir should be substituted by the same volume of water. Water from rivers, lakes and seas, underground water and reservoir water produced with oil is used in large-scale oil production. Water from different sources has different mineralization, physical characteristics and chemical properties. Blending of water from different sources is not always possible because it may cause generation of suspended solids which should be removed before water in injected into reservoir. Sometimes water is not suitable for injection. Therefore quality control of field water, produced and waste water used for injection into reservoir is required.

Oil field and reservoir water quality analysis includes:

  • Reservoir and waste water sampling by qualified personnel
  • Water analysis
  • Micro-component tests (dissolved  ferrum, hydrogen sulphide_ of reservoir water, waste water and service water
  • Oil  and solids presence tests