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Institute for Design and Research in Oil Industry

Modeling and Reserves Estimation

Estimation of in-place oil and oil/gas volumes and justification of final oil recovery efficiency   

  • Analysis of field geological structure based on available data in tectonics, stratigraphy, properties of enclosing rocks, saturating fluids, correlation productive stratum production history.
  • Productive strata correlation, structural imaging of marker surfaces and productive strata, mapping of initial and current oil-filled thicknesses, profiling of lithologic columns and mapping of water-oil and gas-oil contacts.
  • Estimates of initial oil, dissolved gas, sulfur and associated gas components in place reserves. Analysis of estimated reserves change.
  • Process and feasibility analyses of final oil recovery efficiency justification (recoverable reserves).
  • Elaboration of recommendations on field further exploration. oil and oil/gas fields development technology

Creation of reservoir models 

  • Based on integrated interpretation of GIS, seismic survey data, results of 2D/3D core analysis and existing perception about of depositional conditions, building of constant geological hydrocarbon deposit 3D model (Production Association of ROXAR (IRAP RMS) and SCHLUMBERGER (Petrel) companies).
  • Estimates of reserves based on built geological model. Dimensional re-scaling of models for hydrodynamic calculations.
  • Adaptation of hydrodynamic model parameters based on development history data. Building of constant hydrodynamic fluid filtration model (Production Association of ROXAR (Tempest MORE) and SCHLUMBERGER (Eclipse) companies).
  • Calculation of alternative development process parameters for design engineering, production control and optimization.