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Institute for Design and Research in Oil Industry


G&G and reservoir engineering trend is one of the oldest in our Institute; oil fields reservoir engineering department was founded in 1946 alongside Giprovostokneft. Throughout the whole life of department existence its production activity developed in two basic trends – preparing of process design documentation on oil fields reservoir engineering (Laboratory for design of oil fields reservoir engineering) and researching of oil recovery process, calculation of oil/gas field reserves, oil reservoir geological and hydrodynamic modeling and geology data support for process design documentation (Geology and geophysics laboratory).

Specialization of laboratories, provided with appropriate research equipment, sophisticated computer technology and software allows oil fields reservoir engineering department to perform a full work cycle for oil production process engineering – from calculation of reserves exposed by raw hydrocarbon deposits exploration to «resuscitation» of fields that are in their final development phase.

Annually department carries out approximately 20 operations on hydrocarbon reserves calculation, oil recovery factor assessment and oil production process design engineering for the fields located in Russia as well as in CIS countries.

Wealth of work experience in oil fields reservoir engineering domain and high skill of department specialists over the period of existence of this unit allowed to set up such widely known research and development as block system of reservoir flooding, method of changing filtration flows directions, isothermal flooding method; there were studied rules of oil fields and reservoirs flooding, there were set up forecast procedures on oil recovery factors from subsurface resources and many others, a large-scale implementation of which had a considerable operational and economic impact.

Giprovostokneft and a number of oil fields reservoir engineering department employees  are expert members of Central Development Commission (Rosnedra CDC).

Activities performed by reservoir engineering department is very extensive:

  • integrated interpretation of well logging data;
  • filtration-volumetric properties research for core subsurface rocks;
  • calculation of oil and oil/gas geological reserves and justification of ultimate oil recovery factors;
  • process design on oil and oil/gas reservoir engineering;
  • set up of oil and oil/gas reservoir models (3D modeling of geological structure and hydrodynamic reservoir engineering processes);
  • justification of recovery methods to enhance oil recovery;
  • selection of downhole equipment and mitigation response in wells operation;
  • feasibility studies of oil and oil/gas reservoir engineering process.